This is Dripbib


Dripbib is the intersection of food and fashion. It is reinventing the adult bib as an essential, fashionable accessory.

The idea all started when I got fed up with being worried about splattering on my shirts when eating messy foods like ramen. As someone who cares about his clothes, this was a problem I needed to solve. I thought to myself, why is it that in America, restaurants only provide you with a napkin? Unless you're eating at a seafood boil restaurant which give you corny plastic bibs. Adult bibs have been around, but they all look pretty terrible and only target the elderly. Sorry, no offense old folks. I just wanted something else. Something I would actually want to wear. With my background as a streetwear designer, I felt like I could do something cool. 

It's a vehicle for those who love to discover, experience, create and find joy through food.

In 2019, I went on my first trip to Japan with my girlfriend and I noticed something they did differently than we did in America. The ramen restaurants provide you with disposable paper bibs! This validated the idea that was brewing in my head and when I got back home I had to get straight to work. Flash forward more than a year and several prototypes later, Dripbib was born.


Me wearing the paper bib at a ramen restaurant in Japan that inspired my design.

Dripbib isn't just a functional and essential accessory. It's a celebration of love for food and fashion that keeps you clean and worry free while eating well and looking good in your fit. It's a vehicle for those who love to discover, experience, create and find joy through food.


With that being said, I hope you join the movement. Eat now and have a nice drip!

—Justin Rodriguez, Founder